About Us

Most every moving company began doing business as just that: A moving company that moves people’s household items across the country or around the world. As they build business relationships and grow their companies, they bring other categories of shipping under their umbrella. These categories might include cars, boats, antiques, art and live or exotic animals. This list does not include relocating items that are more industrial in nature that any moving company might also handle. AEP is different in that we began as a pet shipping company before expanding into the transportation of alternate goods.
The concept of a one-stop shop is nothing new. But we only handle the movement of items that any typical family would possess: Pets, cars and household items. We don’t move over-sized shipments or yachts because the typical family does not own those things. Just the ‘Big 3’. The idea behind AEP is that we handle the shipping of pets in-house while matching their customers with affiliates that exist in their city or state. We have built relationships with many of the major shippers around the world, and handle the relocation of pets requested by many of these movers’ clients. We have combined forces with other shippers to consolidate the contracting of many different movers that might move many different things.

We are AEP.